SUPPORT A VEDIC STUDENT Prasadam-feeding at Temple Prasadam-Sponsor at Temple
SUPPORT A VEDIC STUDENTPrasadam-feeding at TemplePrasadam-Sponsor at Temple

The Temple helps support a school in Kakinada, A.P. that trains priests and pundits.  Support one student for one month for only $54.

Sponsor food to feed devotees at Temple served on Thurs, Sat, Sunday each week.
Prasad is prepared in the kitchen and served to devotees free of charge on these days each week.

Jai Sai Ram.


Sponsor food to feed devotees on Saturday or Sunday.

Prasad is prepared in the kitchen, and served to devotees on weekends.





Winter Food Boxes For School Kids AnnaDanam, India - enter quantity X 9 for Total $ ANNADANAM IN INDIA
Winter Food Boxes For School KidsAnnaDanam, India - enter quantity X 9 for Total $ANNADANAM IN INDIA

Backpack Food Program Winter Gift Boxes

Feed the poor in India - AnnaDanam.  Enter quantity x $9 for desired donation amount. Example: 6 x $9 = $54.

Feeding the needy in Srikakulam, AP, India at Gov't Hospital and outreach weekly to special homes for mentally challenged, eldery, Leprosy, and orphans home. 




School Food Seva Program, Cedar Park, TX Sandwich Seva ($51) Sandwich Seva

Sponsor food items for needy school children in Leander ISD.  
Temple will purchase and deliver food for 25 families for first weekend of every month, plus meals for 100 students every weekend.

Donate towards Annadhanam (Poor Feeding) in Austin, Texas

250 meals are given to the homeless every Sunday through Sandwich Seva volunteers.

Donate towards Sandwich Seva -- feeding the homeless in Austin, Texas - every Sunday.