Aruna Parayana and Archana to Lord Surya

Aruna Parayana and Archana to Lord Surya
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Magha Masa is very special for Lord Suraya (Surya Jayanthi is celebrated on Saptami, the seventh day.  Also called Ratha Saptami), and it is very auspicious to offer our prayers to Lord Surya in this month of Magha, in particular, it is highly recommended on Sundays.  It will help to correct any health disorders/disturbances in one’s life and create a positive impact on both body and mind.

Aruna Parayana and Archana on one of the Sundays (02/17 or 02/24 or 03/03) - $31
All three Sundays (02/17, 02/24, 03/03) + Homam - $108

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Donation $31.00