Sri Chakra Navavarana Archana-Navaratri, 3 Days

Sri Chakra Navavarana Archana-Navaratri, 3 Days
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A special Sri Chakra Navavarana Achana is performed during Navaratri on the Sri Charkra Meru, Oct 3, 4 & 5

When this powerful puja is performed, the powerful energy is magnified with the energy of the mantras and yantras, and creates Divine vibrations of Sri Lalita Devi, with nectar like blessing from Divine Mother.

Sponsors will have their Gotram and names included by the Priest.

Sponsor 1 day for $51 or 3 days for $101.


Schedule of Devi Navaratri  Events


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Saraswathi Puja For Children - Friday, Oct 4, at 7 pm - saraswati

Annadanam    - Sep 29 to Oct 7

Chandi Havan - Oct 9 to Oct 18 at 5 pm

Kadgamala Archana -  Sep 29 to Oct 7 at 9:30 am

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