Vrishabha Vahana for Lord Shiva

Vrishabha Vahana for Lord Shiva
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Vrishabha or Nandi is the carrier of Lord Shiva. Vrishbha means bull, Vahana for Lord Shiva.

For any important occasions at Temple, viz. Brahmotsavam, Kalyanotsavam, etc., Vahana Seva is very importantas per Agama Shastra. It is very auspicious and brings lot of positive energy for community and temple whenever Vahana Seva is performed.Vrishabha, or Nandi (the Bull), is the vahana (carrier) of Lord Shiva. Nandi symbolizes Dharma and Peace. Templeis planning to acquire a Gold Plated Nandi Vahana for Lord Shiva that could be used for generations at our temple

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$5001 (included in all Abhishekams and Archanas at Temple for 2019)

$1001 (included in all Mondays Lord Shiva Abhishekam and Archana for 2019)

$501 (included in any chosen one month Lord Shiva Abhishekam and Archana in 2019)

$108 (included in one time Abhishekam and Archana for Lord Shiva)

$17,001 (Sole Sponsor) (included in all Archanas, Abhishekams, Havans, Kalyanams at Temple for 2 Years) - Contact Balaji for Sole Sponsorship



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